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An expose on one of the most bizarre and destructive cults today

The Apologetics Resource Center (ARC) is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Areopagus Journal
Back Issue Titles and Articles

Areopagus Journal
Winter 2012
Lost Christianities

  • Veritas: Lost Christianities? - Craig Branch
  • Was Orthodoxy an Historical Invention? - Robert W. Yarbrough
  • What Did the Early Christians Believe? An Examination of Claims There Was No Early Christian Orthodoxy - Darrell L. Bock
  • Who Were the Ebionites and the Gnostics? - Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

Areopagus Journal
Fall 2012

  • Judaism: It's History and Beliefs by Patrick Zukeran
  • Jewish Apologetics: Christianity's Ongoing and Unique Challenge by Michael L. Brown
  • To Be (Messianic) or Not to Be? by Baruch Maoz
  • Is Salvation Possible through Non-Christian Religions? by Jason S. Hiles.

Areopagus Journal
Spring 2012
Who Wrote the Bible?

Prof. Daniel Block responds to the Weelhausen documentary Hypothesis theory held by most critical scholars.
Prof. Richard Schultz responds to the claim of liberal scholars that there were at least two, if not three or more, authors of the Book of Isaiah, compiled later into one book, and not given a specific prophetic authority. Schultz addresses the growing evidence that points to one book and Isaiah as its single prophetic author.
Prof. Matt Aernie addresses the liberal position that the four traditional Evangelists could not have been the writes of the four Gospels. Aernie responds with external and internal evidences to make an adequate positive case for the traditional authorship of the Gospels.
Prof. Terry Wilder who responds to skeptics that the New Testament letters are forgeries by demonstrating how the canonical letters pass the tests that the false epistles fail. He also demonstrates the internal evidence, integrity and historical acceptability of the New Testament


Areopagus Journal
Fall 2011
Life After Death

  • Veritas: Life After Death - Craig Branch
  • What the Bible Says About Life After Death - John W. Cooper
  • A Philosophical and Historical Case for Life After Death - Chad V. Meister
  • Near Death Experiences and Worldview Concerns: Addressing Difficult Questions - Gary R. Habermas
  • Are There Ghosts? - Ron Rhodes



Areopagus Journal
Summer 2011
Biblical Archaeology

  • Veritas: Biblical Archaeology, by Craig Branch
  • Archaeology and the Bible, by Steven M. Ortiz
  • Archaeology and the Old Testament, by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • Jesus and Recent Archaeology, by Craig A. Evans



Areopagus Journal
Spring 2011
Extreme Eschatology

  • Veritas: Extreme Eschatology, by Craig Branch
  • What is the Future of Ultra-Dispensationalism?, by Donald E. Hartley
  • Is This It? A Response to Hyper-Preterism, by Samuel Waldron & Steven Cowan
  • Postmillennialism: A Little Optimistic or Slippery Slope to Dangerous Error?, by Brandon Robbins
  • Will the World End Next Year? As Assessment of the Mayan Calendar Prophecy, by Clete Hux



Areopagus Journal
Winter 2011
Questions on the Divine Attributes

  • Veritas: Questions on the Divine Attributes, by Craig Branch
  • Divine Attributes Today: Necessary Existence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, by Charles Taliaferro
  • God and Time, by Gregory E. Ganssle
  • Is the Trinity Illogical?, by Steve Cowan
  • Faith, Risk, & Rationality: The Prudential Incentives to Christian Faith



Areopagus Journal
Fall 2010
Christian Economics

  • Veritas: Christian Economics - Craig Branch
  • Christian Anthropology and Economic Method - Shawn Ritenour
  • The Compelling Natural Law Case for the Free Market - Paul A. Cleveland
  • A Christian Understanding of Economics: Mutual Gains from Trade - Eric Schansberg
  • Life, Liberty, and Property - Thomas Tacker



Areopagus Journal
Summer 2010
What is Social Justice?

  • Veritas: What is Social Justice? - Craig Branch
  • Social Justice: Neither Social Nor Just - Paul A. Cleveland
  • Social Justice: Reasons for Skepticism - Michael DeBow
  • The Scriptural Case for Private Property and a Free Economy - Shawn Ritenour



Areopagus Journal
Spring 2010
Are We Still Amusing Ourselves to Death?

  • Veritas: Are We Still Amusing Ourselves to Death? - Craig Branch
  • Why Look Critically at Culture? Revisiting Neil Postman's Challenge - Brandon Robbins
  • The Eclipse of the Word - Vic Minish
  • Guarding Our Hearts in New Media - Roger Overton



Areopagus Journal
Winter 2010
Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

  • Veritas: Is Islam a Religion of Peace? - Craig Branch
  • Violence in Islam According to Muslim Tradition - Gordon Nickel
  • The Verse of the Sword: A Matter of Interpretation - Don Closson
  • Islam's Contempt for Women - Brigitte Gabriel
  • The Canaanite Conquest: A Paradigm for Christian Violence? - Todd Borger



Areopagus Journal
November - December 2009
Are Biblical Doctrines Stolen from Pagan Myths?

  • Veritas: Are Bible Doctrines Stolen From Pagan Myths? - Craig Branch
  • The Bible In Light of the Ancient Near East - Eugene H. Merrill
  • Christianity Among the Myths - Mary Jo Sharp
  • Is the Trinity Pagan? - Clete Hux



Areopagus Journal
September - October 2009
The Restoration Movement

  • Veritas: The Restoration Movement, by Craig Branch
  • The Stone-Campbell-Scott Movement, by Craig Branch
  • Seventh Day Adventism, by Clete Hux
  • Does Baptism Save?, by Craig Branch & Brandon Robbins



Areopagus Journal
July-August 2009
Do We Have the Right Text?

  • Veritas: Do We Have the Right Text? - Craig Branch
  • How Do We Know That We Have What the Biblical Writers Originally Wrote? - Paul D. Wegner
  • Subtracting From God's Word? The Longer End of Mark - Matt Aernie
  • The King James Only Movement: Fighting the Right Battle - Keith Gibson



Areopagus Journal
May-June 2009
Eastern Religions

  • Veritas: Eastern Religions - by Craig Branch
  • Hinduism: Empty Diversity - by Winfried Corduan
  • On Buddhism - by Keith E. Yandell
  • Confucianism and Taoism: An Overview - by Patrick Zukeran
  • What is Falun Gong? - by Clete Hux
  • Book Reviews



Areopagus Journal
March-April 2009
Essential Doctrines

  • Veritas: Essential Doctrines, by Craig Branch
  • The Triune God, by Kenneth Richard Samples
  • The Implications of the Fall: Romans 5:12, by Donald E. Hartley
  • The Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ: An Overview, by Fred A. Malone
  • What Must I Do to be Saved? Three Truths and a Consequence: Justification by Faith Alone, by Joel R. Beeke
  • The King is Coming!, by W. Buzwell McNutt



Areopagus Journal
January-February 2009
Ethics in Christian Perspective

  • Veritas: Ethics in Christian Perspective - Craig Branch
  • Relativism on the Ropes - Gregory Koukl
  • For the Love of God and Man: A Christian Ethical Theory - Steven B. Cowan
  • Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues - Frank Ellis



Areopagus Journal
November - December 2008
The Mind-Body Problem

  • Veritas: The Mind-Body Problem, by Craig Branch
  • Body and Soul: A Biblical Case for Dualism, by R. Keith Loftin
  • A Philosophical Case for Mind-Body Dualism, by James S. Spiegel
  • What's Wrong with Evolutionary Psychology, by Angus J. L. Menuge
  • How Medicine Lost - And Then Slowly Regained - Its Mind, by Denyse O'Leary



Areopagus Journal
September-October 2008

  • Veritas: Hell - Craig Branch
  • Eternal Punishment: The Biblical Evidence - E. Ray Clendenen
  • Can a Just and Loving God Send People to Hell? - Steven B. Cowan
  • Hell, No: Why Preaching Hell is Insufficient for Saving Faith - Geogory Cochran
  • "Gabriel's Vision" and the Resurrection of Jesus - Gary R. Habermas



Areopagus Journal
May-June 2008
Has Postmodernism Killed Truth?

  • Veritas: Has Postmodernism Killed Truth? - Craig Branch
  • Truth and Postmodernism - J. P. Moreland
  • Postmodern Culture, Revisited - Gene Edward Veith
  • That's Just Your Interpretation: Truth and the "Emergent" Christian - R. Scott Smith & Jana Harmon
  • Don't Let Postmodernism Be A Conservation Stopper - Brandon Robbin



Areopagus Journal
March 2008

  • Veritas: Miracles - Craig Branch
  • Discerning the Voice of God: The Apologetic Function of Miracles - Steven B. Cowan
  • Miracles and Their Omniscient Critics - Winfried Corduan
  • Point/Counterpoint: Do Miraculous Gifts Exist Today? - Samuel E. Waldron and C. Samuel Storms
  • Against Heresies: Liberation Theology the "Wright" Way - Clete Hux



Areopagus Journal
January 2008
The History of Apologetics

  • Veritas: The History of Apologetics - Craig Branch
  • Apologetics in the Ancient Church - B. Dwain Waldrep
  • Augustine: Christian Champion of the First Millennium - Kenneth D. Boa & Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
  • Silencing the Fool: The Apologetic Contribution of Anselm - Steven B. Cowan
  • The Apologetics of Thomas Aquinas - Norman L. Geisler
  • Blaise Pascal: An Apologist You Should Know - Douglas Groothuis
  • The Counter Attack: The Response to the Enlightenment by Edwards, Warfield & Paley - Brandon Robbins
  • Four 20th-Century Apologists: E.J. Carnell, Cornelius Van Til, Gordon Clark, Norman Geisler - Rick Wade



Areopagus Journal
November 2007
Does the Bible Err?

  • Veritas: Does the Bible Err? - Craig Branch
  • Are There Historical Errors in the Bible? - Richard G. Howe
  • Are There Scientific Errors in the Bible? - Robert B. Stewart
  • Does the Bible Condone Immorality? - Mark Coppenger
  • Are There Contradictions in the Bible? - Jason Dollar & Steven B. Cowan



Areopagus Journal
September 2007
Uncovering the Secrets of Scientology

  • Veritas: Uncovering the Secrets of Scientology - Craig Branch
  • L. Ron Hubbard: The Man and His Myth - Craig Branch
  • Contrasting Scientology and Christianity - Clete Hux & Craig Branch
  • Scientology: A Religious Mafia? - Craig Branch
  • Out of Scientology's Labyrinth - Karen Schless Pressley



Areopagus Journal
July 2007
Does God Exist?

  • Veritas: Does God Exist? - Craig Branch
  • The Universe Points to God - Gregory E. Gannsle
  • God, Morality, Knowledge: Two More Arguments that Point to God's Existence - Steven B. Cowan
  • Must We Have Evidence for God? - Raymond J. VanArragon



Areopagus Journal
May 2007
Troublesome Movements in the 21st-Century Church

  • Veritas: Troublesome Movements in the 21st-Century Church, by Craig Branch
  • Emerging Error? An Evaluation of the Emerging Church Movement, by Criag Branch
  • The Package Matters: Problems with the Church Growth Movement, by Phil A. Newton
  • Speaking for God? A Response to the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement, by Keith Gibson
  • Seeing is Believing: A Response to Federal Vision's "Objective" View of the Christian Faith, by Brandon Robbins



Areopagus Journal
March 2007
Paul 1 or Paul 2? Do We Need A New Perspective?

  • Veritas: Paul 1 or Paul 2? - Craig Branch
  • What Is the New Perspective on Paul? - Guy Prentiss Walters
  • The Gospel and the New Perspective: Does the New Perspective Teach Legalism? - Samuel E. Waldron
  • Playing Checkers on a Chess Board: Understanding the Paradigm Shift of the New Perspective - Brandon Robbins



Areopagus Journal
January 2007
Stewardship of the Earth

  • Veritas: Stewardship of the Earth - Craig Branch
  • Subdue the Earth? What the Bible Says About the Environment - John C. Bergstrom
  • The Global Warming Controversy: Point CounterPoint - David Gushee & Paul Cleveland
  • Animal Rights and Apologetics: Answers and Action - Rich Milne



Areopagus Journal
November-December 2006
War: What Is It Good For?

  • Veritas: War - What Is It Good For? - Craig Branch
  • War and Peace and Political Wisdom: Just-War Moral Reasoning Reconsidered - J. Daryl Charles
  • War in the Old Testament - Steven B. Cowan
  • Does the Bible Teach Pacifism? - Todd Wilson



Areopagus Journal
September-October 2006
Alternative Medicine

  • Veritas: Alternative Medicine - Craig Branch
  • Alternative Medicine and the Need for Discernment - Donal O'Mathuna, Ph.D. and Walt Larimore, M.D.
  • Energies from the East: The Influence of the New Spirituality on Alternative Medicine - Robert Velarde



Areopagus Journal
July-August 2006
Engaging the New Age

  • “Veritas: The New Age” Craig Branch
  • “Roots of the New Age: Preparing the Ground for a Spiritual Revolution” James A. Herrick
  • “Is Everything One? A Critique of New Age Pantheism” Paul Copan
  • “The Wiccan Worldview” Keith Gibson



Areopagus Journal
May-June 2006
Three Apologists Every Christian Should Know

  • “Veritas: Three Apologists Every Christian Should Know” Craig Branch
  • “The Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis” Knox Chamblin
  • “Francis Schaeffer: The Man and His Apologetics” Jerram Barrs
  • “Alvin Plantinga: A Quintessential Christian Philosopher” Raymond J. VanArragon



Areopagus Journal
March-April 2006

  • "Veritas: Logic" Craig Branch
  • "Virtue and Knowledge" W. Jay Wood
  • "Minding Your P's & Q's: A Primer on Logic for Christians" Steven B. Cowan
  • "Don't Be Deceived! An Informal Introduction to Informal Fallacies" Roy Massie



Areopagus Journal
January 2006
Biblical Interpretation

  • "Veritas: Biblical Interpretation" Craig Branch
  • "Good Hermeneutics: Rightly Dividing the Word of God" Steve W. Lemke
  • "Getting the Whole Story: The Importance of Context in Biblical Interpretation" Jason Snyder
  • "Scripture Interprets Scripture: The Role of Theology in Biblical Interpretation" Steven B. Cowan



Areopagus Journal
November 2005
Do We Have the Right Books?

  • "Veritas: Do We Have the Right Books?" Craig Branch
  • "The Old Testament Canon in Jesus' Day" by Paul Wegner
  • "New Testament Canonicity" by Terry Wilder
  • "Why the 'Lost Gospels' Lost Out" by Ben Witherington
  • "How Do We Know That They Got It Right? The Epsitemology of the Canon" by Steven B. Cowan and Vic Minish



Areopagus Journal
September 2005
Abandoning Nature

  • "Veritas: Abandoning Nature" Craig Branch
  • "How Did We Get Here?" By Erwin Lutzer
  • "The Gay Gene?" By Jeffrey Satinover
  • "Why Same-Sex Marriage Is a Bad Idea" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "Getting Out: Some Things You Should Know About the Journey Out of Homosexuality" by Rob G.



Areopagus Journal
July 2005
Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • "Veritas: Jehovah's Witnesses?" Craig Branch
  • "Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses?" by Clete Hux and Craig Branch
  • "What Must the Jehovah's Witnesses Do to Be Saved?" by Keith Gibson
  • "The End That Wasn't: The False Prophesies of the Watchtower" by Clete Hux
  • "Defending the Deity of Christ and the Trinity Against Jehovah's Witnesses" by Ron Rhodes



Areopagus Journal
May 2005
Why, Lord?

  • "Veritas: Why, Lord?" Craig Branch
  • "What is the Question? A Look at the ‘Problems’ of Evil" by Dr. Jim Beilby
  • "Peering Through a Glass Darkly" by Dr. Steve Cowan
  • "A Biblical Perspective on Evil" by Jason Thompson
  • "Coping With Evil in Real Life" by Drs. Howard Dial & Howard Eyrich



Areopagus Journal
March 2005
Creation or Evolution?

  • "Veritas: Creation or Evolution?" Craig Branch
  • "Evolution in Crisis" Dr. Ray Bohlin
  • "In Six 'Literal' Days? - Point and Counterpoint" Dr. John MacArthur and Paul Copan
  • "Theistic Evolution: A Reasonable Compromise?" Dr. James Spiegel
  • "Teaching Theories of Origin in Public Schools: Who Has the Right to Shape Our Minds?" A. Eric Johnston, Esq.



Areopagus Journal
January 2005
Science vs. Christianity

  • "Veritas: Science vs. Christianity" Craig Branch
  • "The War that Wasn't: Why Christianity is a Science-Starter" Nancy Pearcey
  • "The Handiwork of God: How Scientific Evidence Points to the Existence of God" Jay W. Richards
  • "But is it Science? A Response to Methodological Naturalism" Steven B. Cowan
  • "A Christian Apologetics Manifesto" Douglas Groothuis



Areopagus Journal
November 2004
Who Do Men Say That I Am?

  • "Veritas: Who Do Men Say That I Am?" Craig Branch
  • "What Do Some Say? A Man, an Angel, an Idea, or a Prophet?" Clete Hux
  • "The New Age Jesus?" Douglas Groothuis
  • "The Skeptic's Jesus" Scot McKnight
  • "Peter's Jesus: A Summary of the Orthodox Doctrine of Christ" Vic Minish



Areopagus Journal
September 2004
The Cult Next Door

  • "Veritas: The Cult Next Door" Craig Branch
  • "Fortune Teller to Fortune 500: The History and Beliefs of Mormons" Clete Hux
  • "The Book of Mormon: History or Fiction?" Rev. Keith Gibson
  • "The Impossible God: A Philosophical Assessment of the Mormon Deity" Dr. Steven B. Cowan
  • "Ye are Gods: The Mormon Gospel" Bill McKeever
  • "The Burning Bosom: A Look at the Mormon 'Testimony'" Craig Branch



Areopagus Journal
July 2004
Yoga: Stretching the Truth?

  • "Veritas: Yoga: Stretching the Truth?" Craig Branch
  • "What is Yoga?" Clete Hux
  • "It Isn't Just Exercise: The Religious Nature of Yoga" Rev. Keith Gibson
  • "The Frog and the Horse: Yoga in American Culture" Craig Branch
  • with Disputations by Dr. Steven B. Cowan



Areopagus Journal
May 2004
The Reformation Was Not a Mistake!

  • "Veritas: The Reformation Was Not a Mistake!" Craig Branch
  • "The Article on Which We Stand: A Defense of Sola Fide" William Webster
  • "Conscience Captive to the Word of God: A Defense of Sola Scriptura" Steven B. Cowan
  • "Will the Real Mary Please Stand Up?" Clete Hux
  • "That They May be One? A Response to the Claims of the Papacy" Harold O.J. Brown



Areopagus Journal
March 2004
The Man-Made God of Open Theism

  • "Veritas: The Man-Made God of Open Theism" Craig Branch
  • "The God of Second Guesses" Bruce A. Ware
  • "Keeping an Open Mind: How Open Theists Interpret the Bible" A.B. Caneday
  • "The Key to the 'Openness' of God: A Refutation of the Free-Will Theory" R.K. McGregor Wright



Areopagus Journal
January 2004
In Search of Rembrandt

  • "Veritas: In Search of Rembrandt" Craig Branch
  • "The Gifts of Bezalel: Art, the Bible, and Christian Aesthetics" Gene Edward Veith
  • "Good Art and Bad Art: What is the Difference?" James S. Spiegel
  • "So You Take in Some Art...A Symposium on How to Appreciate Art" Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin, Charlie Peacock, and Gary L. Greene



Areopagus Journal
November 2003
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?

  • "Veritas: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?" Craig Branch
  • "You Say, 'I am Rich...': A Response to the Word-Faith Wealth Message" Clete Hux
  • "Faith Healers or Fake Healers?" Keith Gibson
  • "Are Christians Promised Perfect Health?" Craig Branch



Areopagus Journal
September 2003
Wolves Among the Sheep

  • "Veritas: Wolves Among the Sheep" Craig Branch
  • "From Boston to Tulsa: The Origins of the Word-Faith Movement" Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
  • "Little Wormy Spirit: The Word-Faith Jesus" Steven B. Cowan
  • "The 'Gods' of the Word-Faith Movement" Clete Hux



Areopagus Journal
July 2003
Jesus: Legend or Lord? Part II

  • "Veritas: Jesus: Legend or Lord? Part II..." Craig Branch
  • "What Can We Know About the Historical Jesus" Craig A. Evans
  • "The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History?" Steven B. Cowan



Areopagus Journal
May 2003
Jesus: Legend or Lord? Part I

  • "Veritas: Jesus: Legend or Lord? Part I..." Craig Branch
  • "The Word Became Flesh: The Coherence of the Incarnation?" Steven B. Cowan
  • "Jesus, History, and the Four Gospels" Douglas Groothuis
  • "The Jesus Seminar: Representative or Radical?" Craig L. Blomberg

Areopagus Journal
March 2003
Procreation in a Brave New World

  • "Veritas: Procreation in a Brave New World..." Craig Branch
  • "How Far Should We Go to Have a Baby?" Scott B. Rae
  • "Imitating God: Adoption as an Alternative to Radical Reproductive Technology" Mary Branch
  • "What About Birth Control?" Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
January 2003
Nothing Will be Impossible for Them

  • "Veritas: Nothing Will be Impossible for Them" Craig Branch
  • "Genetic Engineering: Benefits and Dangers" Mark W. Foreman
  • "To Clone or Not to Clone" Dónal O’Mathúna and Walter L. Larimore

Areopagus Journal
October 2002
The Cross and the Crescent

  • "Veritas: The Cross and the Crescent (An examination of Islam)" Craig Branch
  • "The History and Doctrine of Islam" by Craig Branch
  • "The Qur’an vs. the Bible" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "Jesus vs. Muhammad" by Clete Hux
  • "What Must I Do to Be Saved? Christian and Muslim Answers Contrasted" by Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
July 2002
They Became Fools...

  • "Veritas: “They Became Fools...” (The nature of false religions and cults)" Craig Branch
  • "The (True/False) Origin of (True/False) Religion" by Winfried Corduan
  • "What Is a Cult?" by Clete Hux and Craig Branch
  • "The Cults’ Misuse of Scripture" by Thomas Howe
  • "The Genuine Article: The Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith" by Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
April 2002
How Do We Know?

  • "Veritas: How Do We Know? (A Christian view of knowledge and truth)" Craig Branch
  • "Three Obstacles to Theological Knowledge: A Christian Response" by J.P. Moreland
  • "A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge" by James Beilby and David K. Clark
  • "How Do We Know That Christianity Is True?" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "Lean Not on Your Own Understanding: The Role of Scripture in Knowledge" by Clete Hux and Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
January 2002
The Breath of God

  • "Veritas: The Breath of God (The authority of Scripture)" Craig Branch
  • "This Is What It All Comes Down To: The Doctrine of Scripture" by David E. Prince
  • "Jesus and the Inspiration of Scripture" by Gary R. Habermas
  • "For the Bible Tells Me So: The Rationality of Inerrancy" by Douglas Blount
  • "Ten Guidelines for Dealing with Bible Difficulties" by Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
October 2001
Calling Evil Good

  • "Veritas: Calling Evil Good (Abortion, Euthanasia and Homosexuality)" Craig Branch
  • "What Does the Bible Teach About Abortion?" by John Ankerberg and John Weldon
  • "Abortion, Stem-Cell Research, and the Sanctity of Life" by Greg Koukl
  • "The Physician-Assisted Suicide: Is It Ever Justified?" by Robert Orr
  • "What the New Testament Does and Does Not Teach About Homosexuality" by Terry L. Wilder
  • "Abandoning Nature: An Argument Against Homosexuality" by Steven B. Cowan

Areopagus Journal
July 2001
Politically Incorrect Faith

  • "Veritas: Politically Incorrect Faith (A defense of Christian exclusivism)" Craig Branch
  • "Do All Religions Lead to God?" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "Can Someone Be Saved by Jesus without Faith in Jesus?" by Ronald H. Nash
  • "What About Those Who Have Never Heard?" by Clete Hux
  • "“Who Are You to Judge Others?” In Defense of Making Moral Judgment" by Paul Copan

Areopagus Journal
April 2001
Building a Christian Worldview

  • "Veritas: Building a Christian Worldview (Christian distinctiveness in the culture)" Craig Branch
  • "The Living Church" by Ervin S. Duggan
  • "The Christian Worldview in Focus" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "Biblical Society: A Covenantal Society" by Dale R. Bowne and John D. Currid
  • "Do We Have the Right to Be Treated Graciously?" by Paul A. Cleveland

Areopagus Journal
January 2001
Understanding the Times

  • "Veritas: Understanding the Times (A look at the condition of our culture)" Craig Branch
  • "Our Dying Culture" by David F. Wells
  • "Five Urgent Apologetics Issues" by Steven B. Cowan
  • "The Absurdity of Life Without God" by William Lane Craig


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