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The Apologetics Resource Center (ARC) is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission, Goals, and Vision of the Apologetics Resource Center
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Mission Statement

The Apologetics Resource Center is a mission whose purpose is to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its mission is also to equip Christians with a culturally relevant apologetic, enabling them to have a deeper level of personal faith, contend for that faith, and to enter arenas of resistance and reclaim ground lost to skepticism, secularism, and other alien philosophies.

We seek to impact anyone, on whatever territory they may be, including thinkers, leaders, and opinion makers, with the eternal truths of God's Word so that all hearts and minds are in tune with the heart and mind of God.

Goals and Objectives

Apologetics is a long established but very neglected discipline/ministry in the body of Christ. The purpose of apologetics is to both answer the objections or barriers to faith in defense of the faith for believers and unbelievers (Jude 3-4, I Peter 3:15, 2Corinthians 10:3-5), and to reveal the foolishness or inadequacy of any opposing world-view.

The new ministry is called Apologetics Resource Center (ARC). The scope will involve addressing the full range of Christian apologetics ministry, including evidential, presuppositional, and philosophical apologetics, some cults and world religions.

All of this is done in the context of giving answers or reasons for both strengthening a Christian's faith and for the evangelization of our culture. As I've traveled in, interacted, and observed our emerging postmodern culture, I have realized that our culture has not only drastically lost sight of any framework for discernment, but our mission field is also within the Church itself.

Only 6% of our population is solidly evangelical, yet 40% profess to be born-again Christians! Because of the lack of deep Biblical foundations and a decided accommodation of our culture's relativistic beliefs, there is a significant need to strengthen the Church and together learn how to redemptively engage a secular culture which is becoming more pagan and resistant to the gospel. (top)

The Vision of ARC

1. To establish an adjunct relationship in a number of churches from various denominations to accomplish the following:

a. To teach classes on apologetics on an ongoing basis in order to deepen and strengthen the faith of believers.
b. To integrate apologetics into the evangelism efforts of the church.
c. To surface and train apologists in each local church and beyond.

2. To begin a website resource center filled with articles, papers and links to other solid resources answering the objections and challenges to the Christian faith, which will be accessible to all, and to produce an on-line magazine on issues and for edification.

3. To organize a ministry team of already skilled apologists, experts in various areas of apologetics to:

a. Be a part of a speaker's bureau, which will be available to participate in organized dialogues or debates in various settings including college campuses, the business community, and other forums.
b. Be available for personal "trouble-shooting" evangelism if someone needs a specialized expert in the body of Christ.
c. Maintain an active witnessing presence on the Internet.
d. To participate in fulfilling the educational and evangelistic goals in the local churches.

4. To develop a program for junior and senior high school students with a special focus on seniors to make sure they are prepared to engage the hostile environment of college or the workplace.

5. To establish evangelistic home Bible studies or discussion groups - like mini "L' Abris" around our city. One of those home fellowships will be in our home.

6. To better equip Christians to more effectively address the cultural and social issues of our day (but to never lose sight of the fact that ultimately real change can only occur if hearts are changed through the gospel).

7. To coordinate and schedule apologetics conference speakers and events to the Christian community locally and beyond.

8. To produce an educational and equipping magazine for church members and other interested readers.

9. To establish an Apologetics Institute with two tracks:

a. a 2-year program for those entering into the apologetics ministry field; and
b. a 1-year program for the serious apologetics student.

10. We intend to plant additional Apologetics Resource Centers in other cities. (top)


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